James Black wields a mighty axe when he steps on stage with Finger Eleven. With his new solo album, Moon Boot Cocoon, he proves he can wield an entire musical experience, all on his own! The space vs. man themed Moon Boot Cocoon is James’ first solo effort, a showcase of myriad sounds and influences that make James a unique solo artist.

Over the years his band’s creative diversity has allowed him to showcase and explore much of his musical sphere.  But this sphere, like the moon in the night sky, has an entire side that the world has never been able to see – until now. Now he emerges from the Moon Boot Cocoon.

The symbolic exploration of space and time factor heavily into the imagery of Moon Boot Cocoon. Like a seamless journey through the universe, the strong and poignant narrative of the songs evolved into a limitless exploration of how far Black could extend himself as a musician.

“We took every song to the moon and back, to Mars and back, and around Saturn twice. We went in every direction we possibly could with this music.” – James Black

With Black playing nearly ever instrument on the record, Moon Boot Cocoon is truly a DIY exploration of his talents as a singer and songwriter brought to life in a natural expansion of his craft. Much like the movement of the universe into the unknown space around it, Moon Boot Cocoon emerges, created from nothing and yet somehow occupying the perfect space it seems foretold to inhabit.